Receipt Catcher EVO by DNA Apps

A simple yet cost effective Receipt Tracking App that can be retrofit into any expense system at work or at home.

Multi Device Login

Receipt Scanner

Automatic Tax Calculation

Full Control of Field Names - The Choices are Endless

Real-Time Currency Convertor

Advanced Filtering

Personalise your Expense Submission

See Exactly What You Need in the Format You Want It

Feature Packed

Add Receipt images and chose to add details later, or just export ‘Uncategorised Receipts’, email to your admin and let them plug in the figures, before you get back from your trip.

Don’t have Wifi or 3G? Select a Date and Snap your receipt, as soon as you are back online, your entry will be saved as untagged, add the details later or get your admin to do it for you later

Why Choose Us

Cost Effective, Simple to use and fully customisable to suit your needs!

Receipt Catcher Evo is one of the most cost effective receipt apps on the market today.  Feature packed and fully customisable to suit your every need.  Yet simple and not over complicated.  Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible, while keeping your data safe

Audit Friendly Output

PDF export formatted to your requirements, while remaining audit friendly for your accountants.

CSV file Output for Easy Integration

CSV file for easy use in excel or integration to other accounting software, along with a well formatted PDF file.

Add Multiple Receipt Images Per Expense Entry

Add as many Receipt Images as required per expense entry, we know that one expense doesn’t mean one receipt

Receipt Catcher at Work!

For a quick overview of Receipt Catcher, please watch the video to the right.  (New Video Coming Soon!)

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