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Receipt Catcher, launched by DNA Apps in November 2011, is a simple and user friendly app that appeared on charts in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, UK, and US shot up the charts in Apple's official App Store. It has been specifically designed with simplicity in mind, as complexity usually leads to frustration. Receipt Catcher, a simple and user friendly app that organizes receipts is ideal for those who would like to keep track of their business expenses or a close watch on their personal expenditure. Receipt Catcher has proved very popular thus far, this app has appeared on charts in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, UK, US and also on the 'Business Top Paid Apps' genre charts. Receipt Catcher not only enables users to log a variety of workplace expense details but it also captures images of each and every receipt clearly. Receipt Catcher has been rated among the top ten business apps in the UK, US, Canada, NZ, Australia and Ireland, Receipt Catcher from DNA Apps can log everything from the category of the expense (travel, accommodation, etc.) to the amount of tax on the bill and even record any necessary additional details as notes. Category and Vendor fields are customisable so that the user can add and edit as they please. Once a user taps on the 'Capture Receipts' button to log an expense using this unique app, they are taken to the details page where that can save the entry after capturing an image of the receipt using their iDevice camera. The image size can be adjusted for easier export by visiting the app setting section and personal details such as the name, the contact number, and the company can also be added. The app includes a nice grid overlay to keep things aligned and the image is automatically cropped, fitted, and aligned in chronological order to an A4 PDF document or US legal paper ready for double sided printing or email and the receipt data added is saved as a CSV file for easy import to excel. While other apps save only single images, up to 10 receipts or more can fit in a page depending on the size of each receipt. This feature of the app that makes it possible to fit multiple receipt images to one page in chronological order enables people to save plenty of paper, thereby making it extremely eco friendly and helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. The files can either be printed (if necessary) using WiFi or emailed to the accounts department to save paper. There are also options to view past receipts by category or vendor and to print in color, black and white, or even double-sided. Receipt Catcher also includes a real time currency converter, so it can used anywhere in the world. It was recently launched with Mandarin as a native language and can be used in China now. Receipt Catcher is only available on Apple thus far, but an Android version is coming. Designed to take the pain out of the expense process for those who need to keep track of business or personal expenses