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  • Export Receipts Dynamically by Type,Category, Vendor, Month, year or predefined dates in any category! (requires upgrade via in-app purchase)
  • iCloud support for keeping track of your expenses on multiple devices - All your receipts are backed up!
  • Add your own company logo to your reports (requires upgrade via in-app purchase)
  • Add Receipt images and chose to add details later, or just export 'Uncategorised Receipts' and email to your admin and let them plug in the figures, before you get back from your trip.
  • Ability to set home currency from app settings, and also manually override the exchange rate!
  • Import images from your photo library
  • Add minus entries, to deal with refunds
  • Ability to hide fields you don't use (Tip, Tax, Notes)


Never lose a receipt again!

Logging expenses has never been so easy... With Receipt Catcher in your pocket you can log expenses 'on the go', capturing receipts as soon as you get them. A simple and quick interface makes it quick and easy to capture your expenses and submit them whenever you are ready. Log your expenses and submit them on time, never lose a receipt again! Connect to the online currency converter and convert currencies instantly! Receipt Catcher will not only give you a nice neat archive of receipts cropped and fitted to A4/US Letter format pages(in chronological order), but will also give you a log of all your expenses with a break down of taxes in time for the tax man! A fast, effective and effortless way to get your expenses prepared for month/year end.